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Google can turn YouTube into ... a purchasing platform. It will be a revolution

Google can turn YouTube into ... a purchasing platform. It will be a revolutionThe latest reports suggest that the American company may have quite controversial plans for its platform, namely it is considering introducing direct purchases to it.

If you use YouTube on a daily basis, you have certainly noticed product links leading to external stores in the descriptions of various materials - regardless of whether you are fans of new technologies, gaming, photography, fashion, makeup and many other hobbies, this is one for the creators. from ways of earning money (except ads and impressions) In the description below the video, they place reference links to specific pages and if users make a purchase through them, the referrer's account is credited with a certain percentage of such a transaction.

It's a very simple system for the creators, but soon everything can get a bit complicated, because YouTube has an idea for changes. As Bloomberg informs, platform representatives recently asked some authors to tag the presented products directly on the film so that YouTube could link them to stores and analytical tools provided by Google. All this in order to finally make YouTube a specific shopping platform, through which you can buy almost everything you watch on the materials with a single click - literally directly from them.

At the same time, the platform is to test a new integration with the Shopify e-commerce platform, which is famous for its application that facilitates trade for both sellers and buyers, and which is becoming best tech advices and more popular during the pandemic. What's more, Bloomberg's plans were partially confirmed by the YouTube representative himself, who did not hide that the platform actually tests certain e-commerce functionalities. He also admitted that content creators will have control over what products are displayed on their channel, but did not want to reveal the details of such cooperation. It cannot be denied that although some people will certainly not like such an idea, for the giant, on whose platform there are countless reviews or hands-ons every day, it is the perfect move that allows you to squeeze even more money from the website. It seems that Google itself has a similar opinion, because during the last financial meeting, CEO Sundar Pichai admitted that the company can turn a popular unboxing video into an option to make purchases and thus further improve its financial condition. What do you think about it? Be sure to let me know in the comments.

Here is an impressive supernova in a galaxy 70 million light years away

Here is an impressive supernova in a galaxy 70 million light years awayAlthough it's hard to imagine, the time-lapse just released by NASA shows a star's outburst brighter than 5 billion suns. See for yourself.

When a star releases as much energy in a few days as our Sun for billions of years, it must be visible for a long time - this was the case of our today's heroine, whose self-detonation, like the best paparazzi, was observed by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Subsequently, all images taken by this intergalactic tool were assembled into a video that documents a massive explosion in a barred spiral galaxy NGC 2525 in the constellation Rufa, 70 million light-years away, discovered by William Herschel in 1791.

The Hubble Space Telescope began observing SN 2018gv in February 2018, after the supernova was detected by amateur astronomer Koichi Itagaki in mid-January. NASA astronomers have observed this phenomenon as part of a program that allows them to precisely measure the rate of expansion of the universe - a key value for a better understanding of the cosmos, because the supernova serves as a marker, a kind of milestone, to measure the distance of galaxies. In a time-lapse sequence spanning nearly a year, the supernova first appears as a blazing star that first shines through the brightest stars in the galaxy and then slowly fades away.

"No earthly fireworks can compete with this supernova captured by the Hubble Space Telescope," says Nobel Prize winner Adam Riess of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) and Johns Hopkins University. The slicktips of supernova we see in the video comes from a self-detonating star, a dwarf located in a binary system that 'feeds' on its companion star. When a dwarf reaches its critical mass, its core is hot enough to initiate a thermonuclear reaction - this process turns the star into a giant atomic bomb and literally rips it apart. And since all supernovae of this type peak at the same brightness, they are great cosmic measures, because knowing the exact brightness and observing it in the sky, astronomers can calculate the distance to its galaxy and the rate of expansion of the universe.

See how Unitree A1, the newest robo-dog straight from China, dances

See how Unitree A1, the newest robo-dog straight from China, dancesChinese engineers do not want to lag behind their American, Korean and Japanese colleagues when it comes to building robots. Their new baby is Unitree A1, the world's smallest robot-dog.

The newest Unitree A1 is a machine with amazing capabilities. The robot is much smaller and lighter than SpotaMini, but at the same time it is not inferior to it in key issues, namely moving in even the most difficult terrain. In addition, the machine can work on batteries continuously for 4 hours. Today they will be able to see him in the footage, where the engineers showed his dancing skills.

The Unitree A1 weighs 12 kg including the battery and can travel at a maximum speed of 12 km / h. The robot can be remotely tips dump from a distance or function in an autonomous mode. It has an efficient battery and a vision system.

Robot fans should be delighted with this robo-dog. It can easily accompany them during morning jogging or walks in parks. Engineers have implemented behaviors that are well known to us from living quadrupeds in the A1. The device is constantly developed.

You can buy a small robo dog for personal use for less than $ 10,000. It is no secret here and no one should be surprised that the engineers when designing and building AlienGo and Unitree A1 were heavily inspired by SpotemMini from Boston Dynamics. You can even say that they copied it in large part, but this is a standard in the Middle Kingdom. Unitree Robotics is planning to start selling more of its robo dogs around the world later this year.

Interestingly, until recently the LaikaGo robot could be purchased for $ 45,000, and the newest for $ 10,000. This shows how, over the past few years, robotic technologies have developed rapidly and their prices are falling. They have been hosted at all the largest technology events for some time. However, they are very popular at universities and research centers, where they serve as objects for various tests.

The cancer breath test is already 80% effective

The cancer breath test is already 80% effectiveThe chase for early cancer detection methods that will be effective, non-invasive and affordable has been going on for years and it looks like Australian researchers are on the verge of a breakthrough.

The team has developed a breath test that can monitor the exhaled air for head and neck cancer profiles and is highly effective at an early stage of testing. We have seen some promising breathing tests in recent years, many of them based on the analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the exhaled air, where specific patterns can be observed when the body's metabolism is disturbed by disease. Attempts to detect and classify these respiratory biomarkers are becoming more and more effective, and we have recently heard of, for instance, successful tests for the detection of esophageal, stomach and lung cancer.

The authors of a new study, Flinders University, are focusing on head and neck cancers, which account for 6% of all cancers and kill around 300,000 people worldwide each year. Their treatment is very effective, provided that the diagnosis is quick, because the later stages of the disease do not have a good prognosis. - During our work, we identified a unique VOC profile in a group of Australian patients that can distinguish people suffering from head and neck cancer from healthy patients - explains one of the authors, Dr. Roger Yazbek.

The above-mentioned group of patients consisted of 181 people with suspected head and neck cancers who had not yet started treatment. An ionic flow mass spectrometer was used to analyze the exhaled air, from which the team was able to extract the required profiles. It quickly turned out that the method is highly effective at the level of 80%, and in the case of benign lesions even 86% - the effectiveness was obviously confirmed by patient biopsies.

- The key advantage of our work is the fact that we used an independent group to confirm the effectiveness of our test. Even if the number of patients in the study was relatively small, it gives us confidence and the ability to demonstrate usefulness when applying for clinical application, the authors explain. Now, the researchers, encouraged by the excellent results, are getting ready for much larger tests, where not only will there be more people, but they will also differ in age, origin, sex or stage of the cancer. If the test proves to be so highly effective, then its path to clinical use may be really short, especially since we are talking about a non-invasive top web guides - Our great vision is to create a handheld device that can be used in every clinic, so that doctors know immediately if the symptoms presented by the patient actually indicate neck or head cancer - they add.

Pet owners are better at isolating during the CoVID-19 pandemic

Pet owners are better at isolating during the CoVID-19 pandemicIt seems that pets in the house allow you to remain psychologically comfortable in the face of a difficult situation, which has just been confirmed by research during the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

New research by researchers at the University of York in the UK suggests that having a pet at home allowed subjects to go through coronavirus lockdown in better mental health, with a lower level of loneliness. Interestingly, research shows that the type of animal does not matter, because it can be a dog as well as a guinea pig. Nearly 6,000 people from the UK took part in the tests, 90% of whom declared having at least one pet, thanks to which it was possible to determine the importance of animals for our mental health.

'We also found in this study that the strength of our emotional connection with an animal is statistically no different between species, which means that, on average, we are just as attached to a dog as to a guinea pig, suggests lead researcher Elena Ratschen. Although animals such as horses, dogs, and cats initially scored higher on the Companion Animals Scale (CCA) comfort scale, these differences were no longer significant when adjusted for other factors. According to the researchers, this is a really important discovery that adds meaning to the so-called the social buffer hypothesis. This suggests that the presence of any animal in a social group is more important than the characteristic features of a given species, so in our case, i.e. for mental health in the context of a lockdown, a dog, a horse or a lizard will work just as well.

- We technologi assume that the relationship between a dog and a man has some special status which, in terms of its health effects, is above the relationship between humans and other animals. However, the new perspective suggests that it may be more about the dog's ability to adapt to different situations or sensitivity to human emotional cues, thanks to which we use them extensively to assist a person, rather than an interpersonal relationship, the researchers add. Of course, they do not immediately recommend that everyone rush to the stores to buy a companion, because although their research is statistically significant, the effects may not be clinically significant.

While our research shows that dog ownership can mitigate some of the detrimental psychological effects of the Covid-19 lockdown, it's important to understand that this is not a suggestion that people buy animals to protect their mental health, Ratschen explains. The primary objective of the research was to study the human-animal relationship and the susceptibility of mental health, the subjects had not previously suffered from any problems of this nature, and they had already owned animals of their own free will. Equally important, having a pet raised concerns during the lockdown that veterinary care would be available when needed, so as always, the stick has two ends.

The Rolls-Royce ACCEL electric plane has successfully completed ground tests

The Rolls-Royce ACCEL electric plane has successfully completed ground testsIt appears that the UK engine manufacturer for civil and military aviation, as well as watercraft, has just made an important step towards the flying of the future - its electric plane is already ground-tested.

Last year, Rolls-Royce shared with us its plans to create the fastest electric plane in the world - and now the company announced that ACCEL (Accelerating the Electrification of Flight), because we are talking about it, has successfully completed all ground tests, so it's time to think about it about taking to the air. For people who have not heard about this one-man unit yet, the manufacturer aims at a drive based streamingaudit three 750R engines, which will translate into 500 horsepower of power. The battery pack consisting of 6,000 individual cells will be responsible for supplying energy to work, which will provide a range of 320 kilometers on a single charge.

The most interesting, however, is the maximum speed, which is to be… 480 km / h! Only this is in the future, because so far the technology is being tested on a full-size replica of the plane's shaft called ionBird. The name is, of course, a tribute to the so-called The Iron bird, a ground test device for prototyping and integrating aircraft systems during the development of new designs. The aircraft systems are installed in the iron bird, making it possible to test them individually as well as in cooperation with other systems.

During the ground tests, propeller accelerated to its maximum speed, i.e. 2400 rpm (revolutions per minute), optimizing system operation and collecting data for future analysis. Rolls-Royce announced that ACCEL should take off on its first flight this year, but will not attempt to break the speed record until next. "Completion of the ground tests by ACCEL is a tremendous achievement for the team and another important step towards breaking a world record," said Rob Watson, director of Rolls-Royce Electrical. The British Minister of Trade and Industry, Nadhim Zahawi, is also pleased: - From trains to airplanes, our transport of the future will be powered by clean, electric sources - all thanks to companies like Rolls-Royce that are developing technology to help us meet our zero emissions ambitions . The completion of the ground testing of the government-backed ACCEL project is not only a step towards an exciting world record trial, but also towards electric and hybrid aircraft that can one day carry large numbers of passengers around the world.

There are planets also outside our galaxy? We just discovered the first one

There are planets also outside our galaxy? We just discovered the first onePlanets are the most promising places in the universe for the occurrence of life. That is why astronomers are so feverishly looking for them. Until now, only objects in our galaxy have attracted attention.

It turns out, however, that planets exist in other galaxies as well. While this is theoretically not a big deal for us, we haven't discovered any so far, so we couldn't be sure. Now that has changed. Astronomers calculate that there could be billions of exoplanets in the Milky Way. So far, we've only detected 4,000.

On the occasion of exoplanets in our galaxy, it is worth mentioning that the first one in 1992 was discovered by a Pole, Aleksander Wolszczan, an astronomer from Toruń. It is therefore time to discover planets in alien galaxies. Perhaps it is there that sooner than under our noses we will find signs of a flourishing life. At least that's what astrobiologists hope.

Very promising news comes to us from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Astronomers have discovered a very interesting object in the Vortex galaxy (M51). It is located nearly 23 million light years from Earth. The candidate for the first exoplanet from an alien galaxy was named M51-ULS-1b and, according to calculations, is probably slightly smaller than Saturn and orbits around a binary star system at a distance ten times the average distance from Earth to the Sun.

How did astronomers detect this exoplanet? tips beast is in close proximity to a neutron star or black hole that is rapidly absorbing material from its companion. This process releases so much energy in the form of X-rays that this area is one of the brightest in the entire Vortex galaxy.

However, part of the radiation source was dim for several hours of observation. For scientists, this meant that there was a small object on the line of the Earth and the neutron star and the black hole. It is almost certain for astronomers that it is a planet, because observing the object's transit is characteristic of the exoplanets we detect in our galaxy. Unfortunately, despite this fact, scientists currently do not have clear evidence that it is a planet and may not have it for a long time, because observing such objects is extremely difficult.

Astronomers now intend to look at the valuable data from the space observatory Chandra telescope for more of these objects and their transits against energetic objects. All indications are that the 1920s will be full of discoveries of exoplanets not only traversing our galaxy, but also aliens, millions of light years away.

This is the first movie in history where a black hole devours the surrounding matter

This is the first movie in history where a black hole devours the surrounding matterAmazing news comes from astronomers who work on the EHT project and study one of the black holes closest to us. It turns out that we have learned more secrets she hides. We can see it in the video.

Last year, astronomers released the first-ever shadow image of the black hole event horizon at the center of the galaxy M87. It was made by the Event Horizont Telescope. We will never see the image of the black hole itself, because these objects have such powerful gravity that they absorb light that can illuminate them, and therefore remain in the shadows.

The image from the Event Horizont Telescope was an introduction to more advanced research of black holes, i.e. the most mysterious objects filling the space of the Universe. Now a group of scientists led by Maciej Wielgus, a Polish astronomer working at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysic, has examined the historical data from 2009-2013 on the M87 black hole.

It should be emphasized here that these data have never been published. The image of the black hole at the center of the galaxy M87 was made by EHT on the basis of only a week's observation, while scientists wanted to know if we could somehow trace the black hole's evolution over the years. It turns out that it is possible. They just did.

Maciej Wielgus and his team checked whether the semicircular shape of the event horizon would also be consistent with archival data. This is a fundamental question, as it can show us whether the picture is actually false. Astronomers have published a research paper on this topic in the prestigious The Astrophysical Journal.

The EHT observations made on the prototype matrices in 2009-2013 are not as accurate, but using statistical modeling, comparing geometric patterns and analyzing the information obtained, they found out that the shadow diameter of the black hole remained consistent with the predictions of Albert Einstein's general relativity for a black hole with a mass of 6.5 billion solar masses. The overall morphology or presence of an asymmetric ring persists over the years.

Interestingly, while the diameter of the event horizon's crescent moon remained the same, astronomers found that the bright ring rotated over the few years of observation. It looks as if the crescent moon is swaying. This is due to the turbulent flow of gas falling into the black hole. Astronomers will study data obtained by EHT, and also intend to make further observations with the participation of new telescopes, including currently under construction in Greenland.

Are bacteria helping animals sense our planet's magnetic field?

Are bacteria helping animals sense our planet's magnetic field?American scientists have just presented a very interesting solution to the problem that has been keeping the research community awake for years, namely how some organisms sense the Earth's magnetic field.

Several hypotheses and countless different studies are being considered, but the truth is that we still don't have an evidence-based answer to this question. A new article, published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B journal, presents a novel approach to the subject, namely, it suggests that sensing a magnetic field may be the result of a symbiotic relationship between animals and a specific group of bacteria capable of orienting themselves along the lines of our planet's magnetic field. "The search for the mechanism behind this is one of the last big frontiers in sensory biology, and is often described as looking for a needle in a haystack," explains Robert Fitak of the University of Central Florida, co-author of the new study.

For decades, scientists have been aware that a number of organisms, bees, birds, whales and eels, have the ability to sense the Earth's magnetic field, this is called magnetoreception and is used by some organisms for navigation, but the exact mechanisms of its action still remain for us a secret. In recent years, however, a trend has emerged that studies the aforementioned theory of the symbiotic relationship with bacteria, hence the latest article in which the authors also present concrete evidence. In their opinion, these are magnetotactic bacteria, i.e. those that orient themselves along the magnetic field with the help of specialized intracellular organelles called magnetosomes.

We have already seen several similar studies, but none have yielded actual evidence of traces of these bacteria in animal tissue - but this time is different as the authors point to a large metagenomic database that shows that genetic traces of magnetotactic bacteria can be found in many animal species . "The presence of these magnetotactic bacteria has been overlooked or lost in the mass scale of these databases," Fitak suggests. In his opinion, if we delve into this data, we will find evidence that the bacteria in question are present in many species of animals suspected of having magnetic field sensing capabilities, such as North Atlantic right whale, loggerhead turtle and mouse-eared nightcap.

Robert Fitak also says that he is currently working with his colleagues and local researchers at the University of Central Florida to create a genetic test for these bacteria, and plans to test many animals with them, such as turtles, fish, lobsters and birds, to prove the validity of his theory. And while we are still speculating to this point, the team believes the hypothesis is based on strong evidence and that it is worth spending more time on it, as there are still some puzzles to unravel: - Even if the symbiotic magnetic sense is widespread, before further challenges in discovering the mechanism by which bacteria and the host's organism communicate, ie how the host, that is, for example, birds, sense the bacterial response to changes in the magnetic field.

Donald Trump approves TikTok's deal with Oracle and Walmart but sets conditions

Donald Trump approves TikTok's deal with Oracle and Walmart but sets conditionsAs could be expected, the owners of the popular social networking platform secured their last-minute operations in the US market by signing an agreement with Oracle and Walmart.

Most importantly, President Donald Trump himself, who was the direct cause of the problems of the Chinese company, agreed to sign the agreement. At the same time, the US Department of Commerce extended the time previously allotted to TikTok by one week, i.e. until September 27, for ByteDance to be able to finalize the contract (which does not change the fact that TikTok again filed a lawsuit against the US administration, citing violations of First Amendment rights). and political motivation of decisions). What does this contract look like? First of all, ByteDance will create a new company called TikTok Global, which will be responsible for TikTok's operations in the United States and most of its international users, with 20% of the shares owned by Oracle and Walmart.

Moreover, the first enterprise famous for enterprise software, and in particular database management systems, will be a "secure cloud provider" and handle US data, and Walmart will release its e-commerce and advertising technology. In addition, TikTok Global will pay over $ 5 billion in new tax to the US Treasury, and together with Oracle, Walmart, and investors such as Coatue and Sequoia, it will launch an AI-powered educational educational program from which children can learn basics of reading or math, as well as taking up more advanced topics, such as computer engineering.

An additional condition is the company's stock exchange debut, which is to lead to an increase in the ownership of TikTok Global in American hands over time. Interestingly, some conditions were a surprise for ByteDance - as Reuters informs, the Chinese company only found out about the educational program on September 20, but as she admitted, education is very close to her heart, so of course she will deal with this topic (as if it had a different solution). By the way, the company announced that it would not hand over its valuable algorithms to Oracle, because this would, in turn, endanger the Chinese government, which recently introduced new restrictions on the export of artificial intelligence - but TikTok Global will allow Oracle to thoroughly check its source code.

However, as experts emphasize, although the contract will be signed and Donald Trump will theoretically get his way, in fact, there are still many worrying issues. It should be remembered that 80% of TikTok Global will remain in Chinese hands, which means that the company will still struggle with pressure and may be persuaded to spy on its home government or spread false information. And although the agreement may look like taking care of the interests of American citizens, and by the way also users of the platform around the world, it does not seem that it can realistically limit the influence of the Chinese authorities.