A breakthrough in quantum teleportation. “Photonic computers are coming”

The latest experiments with technologies, which even philosophers have never dreamed of before, beautifully show us that nothing is impossible in science. Mastering them and using them by humanity is only a matter of time.

American scientists are of the opinion that in less than 20 years humanity will have teleportation technology. Scientists from the USA, Canada and China are pioneers in the study of this futuristic means of communication, which is well known to us from the iconic sci-fi movies.

A vision of the future in which we will commonly use the benefits of teleportation is slowly becoming real. A team of scientists from the University of Kansas, led by prof. Hui Zhao.

There, they managed to jump electrons from layer 1 to layer 3 without staying in the intermediate layer and leaving a trace of their path behind. There were three layers of MoS2, WS2 and MoSe2 semiconductors, each reacting to the laser light with a different color.

Scientists used a laser to track the path of electrons with an accuracy of 1 picosecond. Amazingly, it has been observed that electrons disappear in the first layer and appear in the third, without being in the second layer.

Quantum teleportation was successful. Fig. University of Kansas.

This happened much faster than it would appear from the distance they traveled. In other words, their path was 0.3 millimeters shorter. When the researchers began to observe the second layer, they were surprised, because once they could not detect electrons there, as if they skipped this layer at all torrent sites links directory.

According to Professor Zhao, this theoretically contradicts the known laws of physics. This experiment can be considered a great breakthrough in the subject of quantum teleportation. By mastering this technology, we will be able to accelerate the development of e.g. photonic computers.