Amazon promotion hundreds of films

Amazon promotion: hundreds of films

Before the new month beckons with new promotions, the online giant Amazon will have a few offers until midnight – around 5 Blu-rays for 30 euros and 3 series for 30 euros.

You only pay 6 euros a piece today for a diverse selection of Blu-rays – provided you buy at least five pieces in one go. A good price, especially because among the almost 900 titles on offer there are also some films that were shown in theaters not so long ago.

Click here for the promotion: 5 Blu-rays for 30 euros *

Click here for the promotion: 5 Blu-rays for 30 euros *

In addition to a number of cult films (from “Highlander” to “Halloween” to “Malcolm X”), there are above all a lot of more recent productions such as Ari Aster’s masterful nightmare trip to the Swedish hinterland “Midsommar”, Jennifer Lopez’s glorious screen- Comeback (“Hustlers”), Roland Emmerich’s war actioner “Midway – For Freedom”, “Angel Has Fallen” with Gerard Butler, the incredibly atmospheric western “Feinde – Hostiles” with Christian Bale or “The most beautiful girl in the world” – for us one of the best teen films of the past few years.

If you browse through the range of the promotion, you will find not only numerous box office hits but also a number of unusual indie films far from the mainstream – such as the science fiction thriller “Under The Skin” with Scarlett Johansson or “Under The Silver Lake” with Andrew Garfield . And there is also an offer for series fans that ends today:

Click here for the promotion: 3 series for 30 euros *

Click here for the promotion: 3 series for 30 euros *

For 10 euros each, you can currently get a variety of series of all kinds. Included in the campaign are German productions such as “jerks.”, “Das Boot” and “Alarm für Cobra 11”, the librarian adventures from “The Quest “, The three Golden Globes awarded crime format” The Night Manager “and the fantasy series” The Shannara Chronicles “.

And this is how it works: Simply put the desired films or series from the promotions in the shopping cart and go to the checkout as soon as you have five Blu-rays or three series together. The discount will be automatically deducted before the end of the order process cmovieshd.

That’s how it works:

Amazon promotion: Lots of great films on Blu-ray – for just under five!