An electric scooter on the highway? Such antics in the US are slowly becoming the norm

Should electric scooters be allowed for highway traffic? The answer can only be one, that is absolutely no, even if someone has mastered the art of leading them to the championship like our present hero.

Most of us would not even think of such an idea, because it is not enough that electric scooters do not develop sufficient speed, then we are still among the speeding cars without protection. And even if we’re talking about a freeway around the city, crowded and slow moving during rush hour, the idea seems absurd and dangerous anyway.

At least a man who has enough oil in his head, because a man recorded in Dallas has a different opinion on this topic. And although the cars are driving very slowly, and his performance and skills are really impressive, because he deftly and smoothly overcomes 5 lanes of the highway, the whole action could end very badly. Not to mention the fact that he breaks the law in this way … of course, we do not approve of similar behavior, but it is certainly worth seeing: