Astronomy This was the first test of the Orion capsule rescue system from NASA

Yesterday (02.07) The US Space Agency has carried out a fully successful rescue system test for the Orion capsule, which brings us to the first flight of the world’s most powerful rocket called SLS.

Space Launch System will open the door for manned space flights around the solar system. The agency with its help to build the Moon Space Port, as well as manned flights to the Moon as part of the Artemis program and make the first flight to Mars. According to the latest data, the SLS is to be seen in the sky in 2021.

To make all this possible, NASA accelerated the work on the SLS rocket, which led to another test. The Launch Abort System (LAS) rescue system is to help save astronauts from a tragic death if there were rocket problems during the first 120 seconds of the flight. LAS is a fairly large module that is installed on the top of the rocket. It is powered by engines for a solid propellant and its task is to take astronauts in the Orion capsule as far as possible from the rocket.

During the tests, the Orion and LAS capsule were erected at a height of about 9,500 meters with a solid rocket, namely the first stage of the Peacemaker rocket. It was installed under Orion. LAS was then fired. NASA informs that in the most critical moment of the flight, i.e. after exceeding the speed of sound, the capsule and LAS have successfully disengaged themselves from the rocket, and then the LAS itself from the capsule.