Autonomous taxi zawitały to Germany. See how to fly over Stuttgart

A few years ago nobody believed in the success of this type of transport, and in the meantime he begins to do a real sensation around the world, although it is still only in the testing phase. Metropolises see potential in him.

One of the dozens of companies that are working on their visions of flying taxis, is Volocopter. That company was entirely successful tests of its latest incarnation invention over one of the German cities. The machine took off from the airport lying near the seat of the Mercedes darknethub. The engineers tested all the systems of the machine.

Volocopter 2X is a two-seater flying craft that can fly not only in the traditional way, but also fully autonomous. At the moment he has a range of 26 km and can move at a speed of 100 km / h.

Interestingly, Volocopter 2X became the last month, the first such vehicle in the world, held a successful flight directly from the international airport to board one of the business centers. It’s just such a route would be defeated in the future most.

Volocopter company strongly support engineers from Daimler. Together, they want to create a small and, ultimately, the large version of the flying taxi. The vehicle has to be the most economical and safe in the world. Although competition in this field is large, the Germans believe in your success, in the end they have vast experience in the construction of different kinds of vehicles.

The German government intends to introduce within 5 years of this type of means of transport for the future of most local towns. With his help, it is to be streamlined transportation from the airports to the business centers. It is no secret that the flying taxis are not and will not be used for ordinary bread eaters, only VIP who need to quickly move around cities and countries, and this type of vehicles that will provide them.