Lifestyle These gadgets are worth taking with you on holiday. Here are our TOP 10 for active people

There are months of the year when various shopping guides grow up in the network like mushrooms. Vacation is just a time when we usually use gadgets that will make us relax …

That is why today we present to you our list of gadgets, which are simply worth having with you when you leave. Some of them will make time for us, others will allow us to save memories, and later share them with our loved ones, and the next ones will make sure that we will never run out of electricity or have access to the network during leisure. I wonder what we chose? In that case, we invite you to read!

Travel adapter

The absolute basis, especially when we are going on an international journey, because we do not kid ourselves, we do not always remember to check which sockets are used in the country to which we are going and we may have an unpleasant surprise waiting for us on the spot. With the appropriate adapter we will never have to worry about it, we just throw it into the suitcase and the problem with the head. And which model to choose? The best one with the greatest versatility, eg the Green Cell brand tourist adapter, which can boast global compatibility (4 types of plugs) and is adapted to charge a wide range of equipment, such as cameras, cameras, music players, telephones, tablets, navigations, laptops , dryers or even irons. What’s more, it saves time thanks to the possibility of using both a network socket and two additional USB ports. In addition, due to its modularity, the device is small and handy, packed in an elegant black case, and equipped with a replaceable fuse that protects the connected equipment against overvoltages. Price: 60 PLN.

Mobile WiFi

Some of us dream about leaving the world completely, leave the proverbial Bieszczady and forget about the existence of new technologies, but … not everyone shares this vision and it is for them that solutions in the style of portable hotspots have been prepared. Thanks to these inconspicuous devices, we can create a WiFi network under all conditions, just load a SIM card and it’s ready, everyone can now use wireless access to the network. Which model to choose? For example, TP-Link M7350, which is not only extremely functional, but also small – it measures only 106 × 66 × 16 mm, making it a great companion for holiday trips or business trips. However, let the little one fool you with its inconspicuous appearance, the baby offers support for 4G LTE technology (download speed up to 150Mb / s, upload speed up to 50Mb / s), support for up to 10 wireless connections simultaneously, microSD slot with the possibility of using cards up to 32 GB , a practical screen displaying all the necessary information and a battery that allows up to 8 hours of uninterrupted operation (thanks to the micro USB connector the battery can be charged using a cable connected to a laptop, a smartphone charger or an attached power supply). Price: 339 PLN.

Car charger

When we decide to go on a car trip or rent a car, we should have a car charger in our luggage, thanks to which our mobile devices will never run out of power – because nobody would like to be deprived of navigation or a smartphone in a foreign country, right? In this case, as with the travel adapter, it is worth reaching for universal solutions, thanks to which we will charge as many of our devices as possible, thanks to which we will significantly reduce the amount of things necessary to pack. An interesting proposal in this area was prepared by, for example, the Green Cell company, namely a car charger supporting two quick charging standards, i.e. Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery. The first of the standards uses USB 3.0, and the second one is implemented by the increasingly popular USB type C and it can be used to charge not only small mobile devices, but also those slightly larger, like laptops. Regardless of the choice, we always have a quick charge and the certainty that the devices will be ready for use at any time. Price: 53 PLN.

Wireless headphones

Each of us has different preferences regarding headphones – some like in-ear models, others on the ear, and others do not imagine listening to music on anything other than comfortable perimeter constructions, but only comfort, reliability and ease of storage count. Therefore, in this ranking the winner can be only one, namely wireless headphones that provide long hours of playing, take up as much space as anything, and they can keep up with us in all conditions. The ideal is best found among the models dedicated to active people, such as Outlier Air Sports from Creative, which thanks to technologically advanced graphene membranes with a diameter of 5.6 mm and Bluetooth 5.0 with support for aptX and AAC codecs stand out from the competition with their sound quality. What’s more, the specially designed shape makes them always stay in place, the soft silicone tips ensure our comfort, even during long hours of sessions, and the IPX5 certificate testifies to protection against sweat, splashes and rain. For this we can count on 10 hours of work on a single charge, support for telephone calls with sound on both sides and direct access to Siri and Google Assistant voice assistants. Price: 389 PLN.


Immortal classic, at least the last few years, because as we know in the subject of mobile battery packs, there is still not much going on and we often find ourselves in a situation where we have to suddenly recharge a smartphone or tablet. Here, reliable powerbanks enter the field, thanks to which we will quickly overcome the crisis and we will be able to get back to action – it is difficult to imagine that during the tour you will not be able to take photos by refusing to obey your smartphone. On the market you can find a lot of interesting proposals tailored to the different needs and preferences of users, and we have particularly caught the Prime model from Green Cell in the eye for several reasons. First, it offers proprietary fast charging technology GC Ultra Charge, which provides up to 3.5x faster battery charging smartphone compared to standard power and is compatible with other standards, such as Quick Charge 3.0, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP or Apple 2.4A. What’s more, the device has a large capacity of 10,000 mAh, can boast of exceptional design and use of the highest quality materials, as well as high resistance to falls and damage, which makes it an ideal companion on any trip, even the most extreme. Price: 130 PLN.

Bluetooth speaker

Like a holiday, it’s a summer party in the open air, and of course you need music – in this situation, the best solution are Bluetooth speakers, thanks to which you’ll start the company wherever you feel like it. You can choose a cheaper model to use at home, but in the context of holiday adventures, it’s better to choose something from a reputable manufacturer, eg JBL. The Flip 4 model is very interesting in terms of price / performance ratio, which may be small, but thanks to the drivers used, it provides a loud and clear sound with the right amount of bass. What’s more, its battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous operation, and resistance to splashing and difficult weather conditions ensures that nothing will spoil the fun – if necessary, we can even wash it under running water. What we choose are a few interesting, eye-catching color variants that blend in perfectly with the modern style of the loudspeaker, and thanks to JBL Connect technology, we can connect many loudspeakers wirelessly, enhancing the listening experience. Price: 379 PLN.

Sports band

Although a few years ago it seemed that sports bands were just a temporary fashion, they stayed with us for good and these characteristic small devices can be seen on the hands of many people. And it’s hard to be surprised, because they motivate you to physical activity and are perfect companions during everyday workouts, thanks to which you can easily follow your progress. Fitness wristbands offer many manufacturers, but we recommend to bet on the absolute bestseller, Mi Band from Xiaomi. The fourth generation has just debuted on the market, which for the first time offers a 0.95 inch AMOLED touchscreen and improved brightness, which makes reading information from the band much more convenient, and what’s more we have the ability to personalize the display. The armband recognizes 6 different types of training: treadmill, exercise, running, walking, cycling and swimming, which is why we know exactly how many calories we have burned, what pulse and distance are behind us, and also offers an option to monitor the quality of sleep, providing precise information about specific phases or duration. What’s more, we no longer have to reach for the phone every time, because Mi Band 4 gives us full control over notifications, displaying a message about the connection, notifications from selected applications, SMSs or alarms, and for this allows you to control music with Spotify. Price: 173 PLN.

Sporting camera

Sport cameras had their 5 minutes some time ago, but they are still very popular, especially in specific cases. Well, how to shoot good films or snap interesting photos, when both hands are occupied, for example, riding a bike or climbing? Or maybe we’re going a bigger group or we want to do a relationship with some important event? The answer is the sports webcam, although the sports word is a bit confusing here, because it is not only for recording sports achievements, but also for capturing cultural events, family events or shooting vlogs. Until a few years ago, it was possible to recommend a GoPro model in the dark, but now the competition in this segment is much larger and other producers, such as Xiaomi, have very interesting proposals in this area. Mi 4K Action Camera from this company offers 4K video recording at 30 fps, 3840×2160 pixel photos, super wide angle 145 ° with f / 2.8 aperture and electronic image stabilization in 6 axes. We have a lot of interesting shooting modes available, including time-lapse, slow motion, delay of exposure or high-speed burst pictures, and we can see the footage on the 2.4-inch screen. What’s more, the camera is compact, measures 71.5 x 42.7 x 29.5 mm and weighs only 99 grams, it can run on batteries for 2 hours and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Price: PLN 499.


A smartphone, a camera or maybe a sports camera mentioned before? Regardless of what you decide on, it is worth paying attention to one more gadget that will significantly improve the effects of photos and videos obtained by these devices, namely gimbal. Simply put, it is a special stabilizer, equipped with a gyroscope, small motors and a number of additional sensors, on which we can mount the above-mentioned equipment to eliminate all undesirable phenomena, such as vibrations, noise and the like. More advanced models also offer additional options, such as following the filming person, but you have to remember that the key element of each gimbal is its grip. It is supposed to provide not only a sure grip and be light, but also significantly easier to record, for example through buttons to control the recording and the appropriate length, thanks to which we will perform without much effort. unique self-portraits. At the beginning, however, it is worth choosing a slightly cheaper model to find out if this solution suits us, eg FEIYUTECH Vimble 2 – this apart from typical functionalities also offers a leveling option and a vertical mode, enabling the phone to stabilize in a vertical position that significantly extends the material transmission capabilities live, which will be appreciated by fans of YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. The producer has also prepared a special Vicool application that allows you to configure and remotely control the operation of the device, as well as perform and edit photos, make movies and create time lapsów. Price: 259 PLN.


At the end, but not the least important issue, namely a breathalyzer – during a holiday journey, you can easily forget and drink a glass of wine too much, which may be fatal. It is also worth remembering that the acceptable norms vary from country to country, so before going on the road the day before, you need to make sure that you actually get rid of all the percentages consumed. Here the most convenient are probably pocket-sized breathalyzers, which have the advantage over disposables, that you do not have to remember about each purchase. We can, for example, recommend the Datech AlcoFind PRO X5 model, the representative of the professional series of breathalyzers, which is characterized by a very advanced sensor of the latest generation. The device boasts a modern design, small size, illuminated mouthpiece and a legible display, which in addition to the percentage of breath in the air will also display data such as the last 10 measurements, time elapsed from a given measurement or time remaining until the necessary calibration. Price: 325 PLN.