Marvels Avengers 1 + 2 in burlap Love podcast

Marvel’s “Avengers 1 + 2” in burlap Love podcast

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has long become the most successful film franchise – but in 2012, started as “The Avengers” was the far from certain. Plain love we take a look back (and finally also briefly forward).

Moderator Sebastian Gerdshikow has drummed up the superhero fans Björn cup and Julius Vietzen to the Marvel series to discuss the first theater major event: “The Avengers” Proving Joss Whedon 2012 that are as different heroes like Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk very well together in a movie fit (comes to us today, of course, before, it was but did not).

Where the gentlemen were at it, they also talked about equal to the follow-up “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” which is considerably more controversial today than its predecessor. (Although the start dates were corona conditionally postponed) and since the number of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is far from over, look Sebastian, Bjorn and Julius at the end of the current podcast episode briefly forward.

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