Midsummer FSK announces Certificate for the new horror film of the Hereditary -Machers

“Midsummer”: FSK announces Certificate for the new horror film of the “Hereditary” -Machers

He impressed the critics with his directorial debut, now defines “Hereditary” -Macher Ari Aster by. Whether “midsummer” not only longer, but is also harder? The FSK is now an opinion on the half-hour horror movie like …

The crowd went with mixed feelings of “Hereditary – The Legacy”, critics were by contrast largely agree: Ari Asters debut is a master Genre Post and one of the best films of 2018. So the bar for his new film “midsummer” is correspondingly high …

However, in terms of hardness is still room for improvement, after all, “Hereditary” was released over 16 years. That explicit depictions of violence a movie but not equal scary (or even better) do also know Ari Aster. And so surprised also a classification of his new film not really: The FSC has also issued “midsummer” a release from 16 years, as we hire now announced.

The FSC has also “midsummer” granted a release from 16 years

As brutal “midsummer”?

We want at this point, of course, does not give too much away, the verdict but still classified. Because we believe that there are “midsummer” more than a scene that might speak for a 18er share. The G-16 classification is by and large but perfectly fine.

After “ES 2”: This horror films await you even in 2019

Apart from Ari Aster sets namely once more on horror that takes place mainly in the head. This makes “midsummer” but by no means harmless – and on top of that also really good.

Is it worth “midsummer”?

A filmmaker who leaves with his first two films such impression and is not even 35, there was probably since Quentin Tarantino no more. On 123movies you can watch new Tarantino movies. And since Ari Aster is just beginning his career, we can not wait what the 33-year-old is still so cut in the future to our ears.

We promise in our review: “Genre fans should better beautiful every second of this to the abgefucktest possible way, idiosyncratic-disturbing, enjoying the rules of horror movies consistently under wandering somewhere between IKEA Catalog and Satanist orgy settled psycho-trip.”