People will not listen to our conversations recorded by voice assistants

Recently, a global scandal broke out on the news that Apple and Google using their voice assistants are constantly eavesdropping on us, and then bystanders have access to the most confidential data.

Although digital assistants were created to make it easier for us to perform our daily duties, interact with friends and provide us with faster access to knowledge, in fact the goal of their creation by the largest technology giants was only to collect as much information as possible about us. The more companies know about us, the more influence they have on our life decisions and can earn us.

The companies explain that in this way artificial intelligence algorithms can train without restrictions to be more practical for us, and the collected data, admittedly, are sent to their servers and analyzed, but are confidential. Of course, all this is one big lie, because this data can be quickly and easily connected to specific people.

Under pressure from online communities, Google, Apple and Microsoft have admitted that all recordings of our private conversations collected about us, not only by phone, but also ordinary recordings conducted in our homes with family members or in companies, were analyzed by human third-party employees that carried out various orders for giants.

Investigative journalists revealed that employees listened to the words we uttered every day on smartphones and other gadgets equipped with voice assistants. They witnessed the sounds of sex, drug or arms trafficking, as well as exchange of information by stock brokers and business people. It is not entirely certain whether these data were used by companies to run their businesses, but we can guess that something is wrong.

Now Google, Apple and Microsoft have announced that all recordings registered by assistants will continue to be stored on company servers, but employees of cooperating companies will not have access to them. It is likely that special machine learning algorithms will now deal with data analysis and processing. Although they will not be more effective in detecting the data you need, we will be able to feel more comfortable and secure.