Biggest MCU event since Avengers 4: Marvel, give us suffering heroes in the dirt!

In the intense Tour de Force The Revenant - The Returner, Leonardo DiCaprio suffered excruciatingly for his first Oscar for Best Actor. The visually stunning battle between man and nature exuded the exhaustion, despair and madness of the main character in almost every scene.

As it stands, the epic craftsmanship and excruciating suffering of The Revenant could also be reflected in an upcoming MCU blockbuster. Eternals director Chloé Zhao has now revealed that the work with DiCaprio is a great inspiration for her film. For me there is only one wish: Marvel, give us suffering superheroes in the dirt!

The Revenant is a great role model for the action in the MCU movie Eternals

In the upcoming Marvel blockbuster, a whole new team of superheroes will be introduced after the Avengers, who have not appeared in the MCU before. The Eternals are beings with superpowers that were created millions of years ago through alien experiments on humans.

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In an interview with The Playlist, director Chloé Zhao spoke about the fact that she draws a lot of inspiration from The Revenant for the action of the film:

Eternals should definitely bring a breath of fresh air into the Marvel universe

The influence of The Revenant on Eternals will not mean that stars Angelina Jolie or Kit Harington will suddenly have to eat real bison leather on set just like Leonardo DiCaprio.

An MCU blockbuster that exchanges thunderstorms and self-irony for superheroes crawling in the dirt or suffering from frosty temperatures in the struggle for survival would be a more than welcome change for me.

The inspiration from The Revenant speaks more to the style of Chloé Zhao she pursued for the Marvel movie. Even if there are still no real impressions of Eternals apart from spongy set photos, the director relies heavily on handmade backdrops and effects for the blockbuster.

With her previous feature films such as The Rider or Nomadland, Zhao has staged smaller dramas and realistic stories from the heart of the American hinterland. Even if an MCU blockbuster is a completely different house number, the filmmaker obviously does not allow herself to be dissuaded too much from her handwriting.

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Eternals is slated for cinemas on November 4, 2021. Until then, I dream a little further about Marvel characters who grind their teeth through the mud or fight bears for survival.

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What do you promise yourselves from Eternals?