See how a huge solar roof from Tesla is built in just 4 days Tesla offers not only ecological vehicles, but also solar panels and efficient energy banks. Today you will be able to see how quickly a solar roof is being built in one of the houses in the USA.

For nearly 3 years, Elon Muska has been offering very practical, ecological solutions for homeowners who want to be energy independent and at the same time do not want to mar the roofs of their houses with traditional solar installations. We are talking about the Solar Roof technology. These are solar panels integrated into the roof of the house.

Their advantage is that they look like ordinary roof tiles, but they produce solar energy that can later be used to power all appliances in the house and even charge an electric vehicle. The entire installation is connected to power banks, in which you can store energy and use it during the night or cloudy days.

Tesla offers several different varieties and colors of solar tiles. Certainly, everyone interested in ecology will find something for themselves. Weddle And Sons Roofing posted a video on their YouTube channel where we can see how quickly such a 15 kW 40 square meter solar roof is being built in a house in Kansas.

Solar Roof was created in cooperation with Tesla and Solar City. Tesla bought it a few years ago. Solar roof tiles are currently manufactured at a factory located in Buffalo, New York. The interest in Tesla's solar technology is huge. More and more people want to become independent from external energy supplies. In addition, Tesla solar tiles mean approx. 80 percent lower installation costs compared to traditional solutions. Not to mention the appearance.

Thanks to Solar Roof, you can now build a house in a total remote area, where there is no energy infrastructure, and enjoy green energy at any time of the top web tutorials or year. Elon Musk will soon also offer a cosmic internet that will connect such an ecological house with the whole world, without any cables.