Singapore Airlines is turning its grounded planes into restaurants In the face of bankruptcy, airlines are grabbing all possible solutions, a perfect example of which is the idea from Singapore, namely an attempt to transform planes into atmospheric restaurants.

From the beginning of the pandemic, it was known that passenger aviation would be one of the industries that would be hit the hardest. First, the forced closure of the borders, which automatically grounded the planes, and then loosening the restrictions, but under the new sanitary regime, which, combined with the natural concerns of passengers, significantly reduced the interest in holiday travels. In short, 2020 will certainly be the most difficult year for airlines in modern history, and we will remember it as the strangest year - for cardboard fans replacing the audience at matches, torrent links catalog imitating crowds, toilet paper shortages and many other "novelties" are added restaurants in grounded planes.

This idea was conceived by Singapore Airlines, which is looking for a way to make any profits in the face of the decline in interest in flying, so soon two Airbus A380s belonging to the company will turn into restaurants where you can enjoy peace and a delicious meal in a comfortable seat. It is worth emphasizing that you can leave a lot of cash here, because although a meal in the economy class will cost from USD 40, the prices in business boxes soar to at least USD 473 - an interesting fact is that you can use the loyalty program counting flew with mile lines.

Singapore Airlines also points out that it will operate in accordance with the sanitary regime in force, which is why only half of the seats will be used on each plane (normally 471). Do you think this is a good idea? It looks like it is, because all the seats for the first two dates, October 24 and 25, were sold out in just 30 minutes and the reserve list is very long! So it seems that many travelers missed being on the plane and have already forgotten how uncomfortable these seats can be during longer flights:) And quite seriously, in the face of restrictions in restaurants, which make not all of them fit in them , additional places to eat a meal seem to hit the spot, especially in the case of planes that stand on the tarmac and do not bring any profit.