Protesters in Hong Kong used lasers to blind the cameras of Big Brother

The streets of street protests have been sweeping through Hong Kong for several weeks. Residents want to show their disapproval of the Chinese government, which decided to join the region to China.

Over one million protesters in various ways try to fight against hostile police forces using a variety of methods. The biggest problem for them is the thousands of monitoring cameras that watch their every step. The security services record every action, identify activists on the recordings, and later catch them and close them in custody.

Protesters began to use sophisticated ways to ensure their safety, building in the privacy of their own homes high-powered laser guns, by means of which they keep the police at bay and effectively damage electronics in surveillance cameras. In this way the Big Brother can not identify their faces and loses control over particular parts of the disputed region. I must admit that the scenes from the streets look like a native taken from many sci-fi films.

Hong Kong residents do not agree to permanent surveillance by the Chinese authorities, which is the sad everyday life of the rest of the country. For over a year, the Citizens’ Assessment System has been operating there, thanks to which the government exerts pressure on the public to obey it and without objections to execute all orders.

The idea of ​​the creation of the Social Credit System is as deep a control of citizens as possible. Every day they are scored on the basis of social status, achievements, contribution to the community, observance of the law, their finances, adherence to ideas proclaimed by the authorities and denunciations of other Chinese people. The ranking helps the authorities to segregate citizens and reward those more deserving for the country. They can count on a lot of privileges and better quality of everyday life.

Meanwhile, people in the lower positions in the ranking can not take convenient loans, send children to better schools, count on a better job or social assistance. After more than 12 months of functioning, the system has already punished over 23 million citizens. It must be emphasized here that the system covers a small part of society for the time being. This number scares, because it is more than half of Poland, even despite the fact that there are nearly 1.5 billion people living in China.