See how weirdly see the world around us various animals

You have probably wondered many times whether animals known by us, like us, see the world in colorful colors. In a moment you will be able to see with your own eyes that we are in other realities.

It should not surprise anyone that animals often see the world quite differently from us humans. This is completely normal, because their sense of pattern has evolved in line with their adaptation needs to the environment in which they naturally exist. That is why they often do not see the world in such a spectrum of colors as people. In this respect, there are even differences between male and female sex, let alone other animals.

In a moment you will be able to see interesting footage that shows how different animals see the world tech advices. Certainly, one of your reflections on the film will be, it’s a pity that they see the surrounding reality in such a poor way, compared to us, but it is these restrictions at first glance that allow them to survive in an environment full of danger.

Some visual sense abilities such as reptiles or birds would be very useful to us, especially those regarding better vision at night and in the infrared. Then we would not have to use night vision and thermal imaging cameras. Our night life would completely change the sense, and safety after dark in the wild would go to a completely different, higher level.

“It may seem to us that what we see is reality, but it is a very human reality. Other animals live in completely different realities. We can now look through their eyes, revealing many secrets that until now were beyond our reach, “said Dan-Eric Nilsson of the University of Lund.