SpaceX has sent 60 online satellites into space

spacex 60 satelites

The satellites were a Falcon 9 re-launching rocket that flew from Cape Canaveral, Florida on Thursday night to Friday. Several dozen minutes after the start, the satellites were released from the rocket, and then they began to maneuver independently to find themselves in the previously planned point of the orbit.

Each of the satellites weighs 227 kg, has a single solar panel and a krypton driven engine, thanks to which the device can maneuver and maintain at an appropriate height. Satellites are also equipped with a mechanism that allows them to avoid collision with other space objects.

The whole constellation of satellites will be called Starlink and in the first stage, it will consist of 1800 such devices. Then SpaceX wants to send more satellites into space, all in order that, according to its owner, Elon Musk, people have access to broadband internet in every corner of the world. Ultimately, there will be 12,000 in orbit. such devices.

After the satellites were put into orbit, Musk said that Starlink is one of the most difficult engineering projects he has ever faced. He explained that satellites have many new technologies, and warned that some of them may not work.

Safe satellites
The satellites have been designed so that after four or five years, when they are exchanged for new ones, they could independently enter the atmosphere and burn themselves over the Pacific Ocean. According to Muska, falling fragments of devices will not pose any threat.

Initially, the satellites were supposed to be in orbit last week, but their sending has been postponed twice. First, because of the strong wind and then the need to update their software.

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