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This is the first movie in history where a black hole devours the surrounding matter

Last year, astronomers released the first-ever shadow image of the black hole event horizon at the center of the galaxy M87. It was made by the Event Horizont Telescope. We will never see the image of the black hole itself, because these objects have such powerful gravity that they absorb light that can illuminate them, and therefore remain in the shadows.

The Rolls-Royce ACCEL electric plane has successfully completed ground tests

Last year, Rolls-Royce shared with us its plans to create the fastest electric plane in the world - and now the company announced that ACCEL (Accelerating the Electrification of Flight), because we are talking about it, has successfully completed all ground tests, so it's time to think about it about taking to the air. For people who have not heard about this one-man unit yet, the manufacturer aims at a drive based on three 750R engines, which will translate into 500 horsepower of power. The battery pack consisting of 6,000 individual cells will be responsible for supplying energy to work, which will provide a range of 320 kilometers on a single charge.

The cancer breath test is already 80% effective

The team has developed a breath test that can monitor the exhaled air for head and neck cancer profiles and is highly effective at an early stage of testing. We have seen some promising breathing tests in recent years, many of them based on the analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the exhaled air, where specific patterns can be observed when the body's metabolism is disturbed by disease. Attempts to detect and classify these respiratory biomarkers are becoming more and more effective, and we have recently heard of, for instance, successful tests for the detection of esophageal, stomach and lung cancer.

See how Unitree A1, the newest robo-dog straight from China, dances

The newest Unitree A1 is a machine with amazing capabilities. The robot is much smaller and lighter than SpotaMini, but at the same time it is not inferior to it in key issues, namely moving in even the most difficult terrain. In addition, the machine can work on batteries continuously for 4 hours. Today they will be able to see him in the footage, where the engineers showed his dancing skills.

Google can turn YouTube into ... a purchasing platform. It will be a revolution

If you use YouTube on a daily basis, you have certainly noticed product links leading to external stores in the descriptions of various materials - regardless of whether you are fans of new technologies, gaming, photography, fashion, makeup and many other hobbies, this is one for the creators. from ways of earning money (except ads and impressions) In the description below the video, they place reference links to specific pages and if users make a purchase through them, the referrer's account is credited with a certain percentage of such a transaction.

Historic NASA mission completed successfully. The probe took a sample from the asteroid

The OSIRIS-REx probe took a rock sample from the surface of the mysterious Bennu asteroid. There would be nothing extraordinary about it, if not for the fact that the entire project was 200 million kilometers from Earth, and that NASA scientists were performing such an unusual task for the first time.

The White House unveils a new initiative to protect US technology

The US government has announced a new program to protect sensitive technology, especially in the face of China's expansionist drive. This one is called the National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies and will help prevent the sourcing of critical US intellectual property and sensitive technology from foreign rivals. The White House proposal assumes that technology companies will implement security protocols during the early stages of advanced technology development, and that the government will be involved in analyzing the risk of certain projects and determining whether certain technologies will go to allies or not.

Astronomers have indicated planets from which alien civilizations can observe us

Extraterrestrial life may or may not be believed, especially since we still have no evidence of the existence of alien civilizations to this day, but studies such as the latter provide useful data for organizations such as SETI and the Breakthrough Listen Initiative, which are still actively looking for such activity. To date, most of the exoplanets found by astronomers have been detected using the transit method - this involves observing the passage of a celestial body through the disk of another celestial body, because when a planet partially obscures a star, it can be detected by analyzing the slight fading of the star's brightness.