Terminator The Redemption is shortened to RTL 2 today

“Terminator: The Redemption” is shortened to RTL 2 today

RTL ZWEI will show the fourth “Terminator” from 8:15 pm today. Since the action film was released for ages 16 and up, it can only be the shortened version due to the time.

Apart from “Terminator 5: Genisys” (2015), no film in the killer machine series was released from the age of 12 – even “Terminator 4: The Redemption” is from 16. However, films of this age classification usually only appear on linear TV after 10 p.m. allowed to run, the apocalyptic thriller with Christian Bale was shortened for today’s 8:15 pm broadcast on RTL ZWEI.

Some blood and a few dead are missing

Schnittberichte.com has already compared an older FSK 12 TV version with the FSK 16 cinema version. Accordingly, the television broadcast before 10 p.m. is missing a full three minutes and 15 seconds. These are short recordings of violence that are not fundamentally more brutal in the theatrical version either.

“Terminator: The Redemption” is repeated early on Saturday morning from 2:25 am. This version should at least be uncut. On Blu-ray * you will also get the action film in a version called “Director’s Cut” that is almost three minutes longer, but which does not make the film significantly more brutal, nor does it add any particular content.

From 10:25 p.m. RTL 2 will show a good film on Friday:

From 10:25 p RAINIERLAND.m. RTL 2 will show a good film on Friday:

The original “Terminator” from 1984, a simple, grim, effective time travel thriller that, despite its age, has a lot more oil in the gears than the rusty, lame “Terminator: The Redemption”.