The motorcyclist hits the gang at 350 km / h and … experiences an accident (video)

Beau Layne took part in a race at the Pacific Raceways in Washington with his Harley-Davidson racing motorcycle. A few seconds after the start, he lost control of the machine and then the worst began.

The whole event captured on film material freezes. Layne at 345 km / h pulled down towards the concrete safety band and hit it with the right body. The impact speed was so powerful that Layne fell off the motorcycle and began to roll at high speed. Layne is a professional, so he knows how to behave in such situations to reduce the risk of injury.

Meanwhile, the motorcycle drove forward until it finally stopped. Layne got up from the track on his own and gave the organizers a sign that nothing serious had happened to him. Although in the first moments his health indicated that he would come out completely unscathed, the extreme sports fan eventually ended up in hospital, where he underwent shoulder surgery.

Beau Layne really survived the whole accident thanks to great luck, because he slipped over the band, special shock-absorbing materials and a special costume. See the whole menacing looking event in the movie above.