This is Turritopsis Nutricula, the only immortal being on our planet

People have wanted to achieve immortality since the beginning of time, but they have not succeeded so far. On Earth, only one being has this ability for a long time. It is Turritopsis Nutricula, a commonly occurring species of Stulbills.

This amazing jellyfish, once mature, can reverse the entire aging process. If it were compared to us humans, after a fatal injury, our body would immediately begin to rejuvenate through childhood until the fetal period technology boss.

Turritopsis Nutricula after injury falls to the bottom and there, using mechanisms unknown to us, regenerates cells to the polyp stage, and then becomes a jellyfish again. This creature can carry out this process indefinitely, which means that it is theoretically immortal. Of course, a shark may eat it and die, but we are talking about natural conditions here.

Although this mysterious and unexplained process can be shocking, it is, above all, a clear proof that in nature everything is possible, and if there is an aging process, then the rejuvenation process can be initiated.

This is Turritopsis Nutricula, the only immortal being on our planet. Fig. Twitter / Science.

Even if in the future we are able to learn the essence of this process, we probably will never be able to use and apply this knowledge to achieve eternal life. Jellyfish and we have completely different organisms and processes that determine the course of various life functions.

The latest gene therapies, based on stem cells, may not allow such spectacular changes, but in the future with their help we will be able to grow our own organs for transplants, which will allow us to significantly extend life, and someday maybe thanks to them we will achieve the desired immortality.