This was the first big jump of the Starship starship prototype from SpaceX

Elona Muska, according to previous promises, carried out the first Starhopper jump at the Boca Chica test center in Texas. The whole event looks very spectacular, which can be seen in the film.

After several months of preparation and testing, Starhopper again rose above the ground. We can not talk about a real flight here, but rather about a jump, because it lasted a few seconds, during which it lifted to a height of about 20 meters. The previous jump was just a few dozen centimeters, so there is considerable progress. But this is just the beginning of this type of jumps.

The Starhopper is currently measuring 18 meters high and 9 meters wide, a test structure made of stainless steel. Currently, only one powerful Raptor engine is attached to the vehicle, but ultimately three units are to be tested. SpaceX has two such vehicles in different stages of evolution. One is in Texas and the other on Cape Canaveral, Florida. The first one is more advanced, because it was made faster, and it is on it that more crucial tests are conducted.

Elon Musk announced that the first sky flights will take place in 2-3 months. Perhaps then the prototype of the ship, which is to take people to the Moon and Mars, will reach space. For now, engineers, during testing, obtain valuable data. They will allow them to make important modifications to the vehicle.

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Starship will eventually take on board even 100 space tourists and travel with them to the Moon or Mars. Then the ship will be equipped with more than 40 Raptor engines. Musk also provides for ship travel between the Earth’s metropolises. According to the plan, it is to be the fastest means of transport that our civilization has created throughout its history. The first mission of the ship is to take place in 2021, and the landing on the Moon with crew in 2022 or 2023.