Top Movie Streaming Sites like 123movies

Top Movie Streaming Sites like 123movies

Top Movie Streaming Sites like 123movies

Hello in our ranking of top movie streaming Sites like 123movies. There is no doubt that movies attracts a huge number of people who prefer to spend their free time watching the latest releases of them. There are those who love action movies and science fiction, and there are those who are sensitive to watch love romantic films and comedy sometimes, and in contrast there are those who like to watch documentaries filled with valuable information and interesting facts, and there are many film work that really has its own audience.

Currently, Internet users are becoming more and more addicted to streaming. There are many advantages of this new revolutionary practice to mention that it helps a lot to save the storage space of reading media used such as PC or Smartphone. But to enjoy movies, series and mangas streaming, you have to know the best sites that offer them for free and without constraints. We give you the Top list of most popular streaming sites to watch movies and TV shows from your computer or mobile.

But what is not different is that watching these films on the Internet is a special taste and a unique pleasure. In this post, I will share with you the top movie streaming sites like 123movies to watch the latest movies, with high quality and translation in almost all language.

1. FMOVIES – International site more than wonderful, including a variety of latest films and serials in various servers and high quality. Whether it is foreign, Spanish, Indian or even Turkish serials, as well as the latest international TV shows and other artifacts that everyone is looking for. Opinions among members. And to watch any movie first choose the classification and then move you to another site or another server to start watching the movie you chose with the quality of your choice with the possibility of downloading easily. This site guarantees content that is always up to date (without having to download them). It offers you to watch directly in full HD your favorite movies, anime and tv series without prompting you to register. In addition, you can view them in HD quality, Blu-Ray or other resolutions.

2. SOLARMOVIE Another great website in our ranking of top movie streaming sites like 123movies. In turn, it is a privileged site featuring a huge number of movies and series that can appeal to different tastes. Whether it comes to TV series or films in their various servers and languages. The movies are of course available in different quality. Once you choose the category you want to watch movies in the site gives you several servers to choose from. SolarMovie also offers you a long list of films and series including both classics and new releases. If you feel like it, please note that you can also subscribe to the site to receive all the news in the world of cinema, music & TV. But this remains exclusively optional.


This site is one of the best streaming site I rely on personally to watch the latest movies and exclusive film productions. Once the film is released in the movie theaters I find that this site has also been published it. Regardless of the quality of the film, its language or otherwise. What surprised me frankly in this site is the template that is provided to you to see the article submitted on it and that you will definitely like and admire. This site almost includes all the categories of films and serials in all languages ​​and high qualit


One of the distinctive international sites that provide you with many movies, series and TV shows popular to watch. For sure, one of the must have in ranking of top movie streaming sites like 123movies. With the quality you want and also with the availability of translation for foreign shows. Otherwise you can simply download any movie from this site with HD quality and download the translation also with it without the slightest problem. There is no time limit, freely watch your favorite movies and series with no time limit.

5. 123MOVIES

123movies is one of the best sites in our list of top movie streaming sites like 123movies, it offers manga series and movies in HD and 4K, available for free without registration and time limit. The site also focuses on the quality of the links provided to its users: the proposed content is in HD or 720p. The navigation of the site is also made very simple thanks to the interface of the refined site.


Find on GOMOVIESHUB a range of Streaming 720p and 1080p series, without limit, registration or commitment without cost, 100% free. GOMOVIESHUB also offers a list of their own complete series as well as the latest episodes and seasons released. This site is probably the best series streaming site.


VIPMOVIES is a streaming site that offers a collection of exclusive movies and series, but that does not stop there, VIPMOVIES shows movies that are still in the cinema. This is a best streaming site for watching free, without paying anything and without limit, movies as well as HD series in streaming. It’s definitely one of the top movie streaming websites like 123movies

There is nothing more to comment here. Watch all your favorite movies and series in full streaming and high quality for free and unlimited. VIPMOVIES, a very good streaming site in 2019.


Find free movies, series and anime series on SOLARMOVIES. Content is grouped by genre and by year to help you quickly find your favorite movies and series.

No sign-up is required to watch your favorite movies and series on SOLARMOVIES. The Site offers you complete movies and series 2019 in HD quality, without ads.


Here is a free streaming site that I discovered recently. On this site with sober and refined design you will surely find your happiness in the enormous list of films and series that it has. I still enjoy the section Old Movies that allows to discover or re-discover for older films from our childhood. Finally a link pointing to the movies of the year is also present. I watched some movies without worry, sometimes you have to be a little patient before the movie starts but overall the service is pretty good.


This site is rather specialized in series. You find nevertheless a small section TOP 2019 offering you some interesting movies. The series are classified by category or by year. The site also offers you a ranking of the 10 best series of the moment. Needless to say, Game of Thrones is in a good position. If you are a tv series fan this site is for you.

You will find on this site free streaming all new series of the moment in HD. In a clear and intuitive design so you can search your series by genre. A search engine is also available to find a series quickly. This streaming site specializes in tv series.

On VIPMOVIE you will also find box office films, movies of the site, the latest films and series added and if you are bored at night you will even have the right to suggestions. ideal for discovering other films.


Another great website on our list of top movie streaming sites like 123movies. On this free streaming site, but which requires registration to view the videos (this registration does not require clicking on ads where a credit card is needed). Once registered you can prepare your parties by creating your list of favorite movies or series. Movies and series are organized into categories. Important detail is that for each film you have its quality. Like that more deception on the goods. A search engine is also available to find both series or film very quickly.


You will find on this site something to satisfy your thirst for movies and series. All presented in a clear and accessible way. You will be able to see the latest films released at the box office. If you are out of inspiration for the amount of videos to watch, I suggest you take a look at the Most Popular category on the home page.

But not all, 123moviesto also offers a search by year, quality or language for lovers of movies and series in its original versions.


Experienced users have surely already heard about YESMOVIE. It has already proven itself in the world of streaming even few years before. This site remains today the most famous streaming site that continues to present various films in unlimited version.

Side resolution, the videos offered by this site are all in HD. Access to viewings is also easy because you only have to click on the links shared on the site. In addition to this ease of handling and this desire to make a real service to users who love streaming, the site strives also to make easily accessible all news. As a result, you can consult an entire catalog of films and series from the most classic to the most recent.


Great movie streaming site similar to 123movies. Being also one of the best movie streaming sites, GOMOVIE offers to all the movie watchers the latest movies in high quality HD. You can then relax quietly in front of your TV or tablet watching the full episodes of your favorite series.

Free streaming is also unlimited from a robust server and requires no registration on the site. What is also very practical. But the specificity of this platform lies mainly in the fact that advertisements do not interrupt your views. As a result, you can fully enjoy your films, series, mangas in great quality version. The original versions with subtitles are also selected on this streaming site for the enjoyment of followers who have a preference for these versions.


Amazon Prime Video

The latest in the streaming video market, but a competitor of weight. Notably because it benefits from its tens of millions of Prime subscribers, who partly finance exclusive series, but also the acquisition of a very complete catalog of films and series. The platform would have more than 2,000 films available. Including many international films, and no less than 300 series, including 93 that have an average over 8.5 on IMBD. Note that the series to watch exclusives are many. Including American Gods, Hanna and Tom Clancy, who have received many awards. The films are in full hd, with the possibility to watch them in 4k.

The big plus is the first free month , which already allows to watch some movies and series, without advancing money. My favorite service.


Netflix is ​​one of the best known legal solutions. It was basically a DVD rental service. Which saw the new opportunity, and which was the first to offer a catalog of films and series, against a monthly subscription. The mayonnaise has quickly taken over, to the point that Netflix has more than 40 million subscribers worldwide. And regularly launches into new countries.

Its strength is its wide catalog of films and series, including the very famous “Casa del Papel”. Unfortunately, Netflix regularly raises the price of its subscription and not offers more trial period.

So these were the top movie streaming sites you can rely on to watch the latest cinema movies online and series also in high quality HD. Which I personally rely on in my spare time to watch movies that appeal to me, which are often in the category of action or comedy and sometimes romance (but that does not mean that I am sensitive). So from now on there will be nothing called paying money for watching movies online which some sites like Netflix and HBO GO require.

As you know, the film industry is constantly fighting people watching streaming online. Yet, in recent years, streaming has allowed the film industry to become more widely known. Despite the fight and repression, it has rather beneficial effects for them … Indeed, this business has never done so well, the same for streaming. So, do we really have to see evil everywhere? But for safety’s sake, I have to say that this some of these websites are illegal.

Thank you for accessing these sites and leave in comment your comments and appreciations on these streaming sites.

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