Tourist flights into space from Virgin Galactic will take place every 32 hours

The company owned by Richard Branson has ambitious plans for the rapid development of space tourism. Interest in this type of entertainment around the world is so huge that flights will take place even every other day.

Virgin Galactic customers who are hungry for an unearthly experience are not afraid of the fairly high ticket price world top technology. At the moment you have to spend 250,000 dollars on the flight. In return, we will receive a flight with the VSS Unity spaceship about 100 kilometers above the Earth’s surface and the opportunity to admire our planet for a few minutes from such a breathtaking perspective as only a handful of people could see it.

Richard Branson revealed that almost 3,300 people are currently interested in the flight. It should be emphasized that these are people who are 100% prepared to fly mentally and physically. The number of customers is increasing every day. The billionaire is sure that after the first flights into space, tourists will start to arrive quickly. Many are still undecided because of security issues.

Tourist flights will take place from the famous spaceport called SpacePort America, located in the state of New Mexico. This facility was created specifically for the future of mass flights into space. A few weeks ago, a photo of the luxurious and practically furnished hall of the facility appeared on the company’s profile on Twitter.

Branson said that it is in it that space tourists will wait for the flight and relax after an exciting flight. However, for complete happiness there is only one more, but the most important issue, printed tickets. Virgin Galactic has still not announced the official date of the first flight. Experts believe that we can expect it early next year.

The billionaire’s company is not in a hurry, because the most important thing is to get everything to the last button. If the first flight with tourists ended in a disaster, we could forget about space tourism for a few good years, and this would mean bankruptcy for the company.