When will the 5th season of Lucifer continue Thats what Tom Ellis says

When will the 5th season of “Lucifer” continue? That’s what Tom Ellis says

Real “Lucifer” fans have of course already seen the first eight episodes of the new fifth season on Amazon Prime Video and only have one question: When will the eight episodes that are still missing? Tom Ellis seems to know a little more …

The popular fantasy crime series “Lucifer” would be history long ago if the streaming service Netflix hadn’t saved the charming devil from doom. Just like season 4, the fifth season, which started a few days ago on Amazon Prime Video in Germany, is above all a gift to the fans. You can read about how well this worked in our review of the first new episodes:

-review for the 5th season of “Lucifer”

The big catch: Eight episodes of season 5 are still missing! The second half has not yet been broadcast and of course all fans want to know one thing above all else: When will it continue?

When does it continue?

The 5th season of “Lucifer” could continue in 2020

On the US podcast Pilot TV, “Lucifer” main actor Tom Ellis personally commented on this question and if everything goes well, Netflix and Amazon will make us happy in 2020.

Ellis explains that the second half could “hopefully” be ready around Christmas or early 2021. But he also points out that the final still has to be filmed: “We were halfway through it. Now we’re going back to the set, start with it and then go straight to shooting the sixth season 9movies. “

Ellis explains that the second half could “hopefully” be ready around Christmas or early 2021

Of course, Ellis’ statement is not particularly specific and we shouldn’t rely too much on Christmas 2020. The eight other episodes of Season 5 would actually be a perfect Christmas present.

Although Lucifer is actually now produced by Netflix, the series continues to run on Amazon Prime Video in Germany. There you will also find the current episodes of season 5 *.

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